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Summer 16' is here! I have always worked full time and summer is no exception so  finding fun activities for my babies has always been a challenge especially on a tight budget! 

Let's be real, summer can get so expensive with camps, daycare and daily activities so I started signing my kids up for VBS! Not only do they have hours of fun but they practice love, compassion and experience spiritual growth plus its usually FREE! I grew up going to VBS [vacation bible school] and I have so many fond memories of it. 

This gives me 3-4 hours of me time to study, clean, ship leggings or run errands. I'm scandalous so I've signed them up for up to 5 VBS's during the summer, every week they were going to a new one at a different church with a different theme and meeting cool new kids. If you have never done this I strongly recommend it, VBS has been my Summer Savior for the last 3 years! I'm posting a link of my favorite mom blog just click, select your city sister blog, and search VBS! 

This summer i'll be sharing weekly activities my kids and I will be doing together so you and your babies can join along too!

Click here for your cities local VBS!



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