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i commit.

30 days x BBB

i commit to health.
i commit to change.
i commit to growth.
i commit to self love.

3 day detox
4 weeks of workouts 
no fast food.
no processed foods.
no sodas.
no refined sugars
no body bashing.

Yes! Whole unprocessed foods
Yes! 1 gallon water 
Yes! 12oz hot water, 1 lemon
Yes! Infused detox drinks
Yes! Healthy snacks
Yes! Fruit for breakfast 
Yes! Healthy lunch options!
Yes! Healthy dinner options! 
Yes! To dark chocolate!
Yes! To Movement 5 days a week

Ebook contains:

The Break Down

The 3 Day Detox + Shopping list 

The recipes for 3 day Detox

Meal ideas + Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the next 27 days.

Food journal

4 weeks of home workouts/ jump rope needed $5 at Ross or 5& Below

Progress Tracker & more!

Track & Submit your 30 day iCommit transformation pics to, 4 winners will be picked to win the BOOTY + BOOK package including Booty journal, Booty Bands, Water bottle, and pen + Friday periscope workouts together! Take front + side pictures and measurements the day before challenge, then the day after challenge ends! 


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