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Clip n’ Zip x BBB

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It’s finally here! 

The perfect addition to your Movement of the Day Routine!

This Clip n’ Zip fitness belt is very unique as it’s made out of neoprene not latex. This does not flip when sitting or performing exercises. I’ve tested it for 2 weeks. It’s comfortable and soft for all day wear. This is not intended to be uncomfortable or restrictive. It’s made for all day comfortable wear. 

I’ve been wearing compression garments since the birth of my first child almost 10 years ago. After birth it helped me to compress my tummy and uterus as it shrunk back to regular size.
Post pregnancy I was desperately wanting to snatch that waist but overtime using it on and off I realized how many benefits it had aside from just my superficial desires.

Wearing my trimmer during my workouts gives me so much support while I'm lifting as well as naturally helping correct my form. During the day it helps me maintain my excellent posture which will benefit me long term as I age. Without even thinking about it I keep my muscles contracted throughout the day.

All waist trimmers come with iCommit PDF emailed within 48 hrs of purchase!

- clip n’ clip detail 

- sauna heat action

- increases blood circulation

- supports lower back for weightlifting

- helps correct posture and form

- adjustable Velcro closure

- machine wash cold. gentle cycle. hang dry.

- neoprene material

Please measure waist before purchase.

Size recommendations based off measurements:

* Important! This size is not meant to match your shirt, this belt has its own measurements. Always size up if in-between sizes!

XS 20"- 23"

Small 23.5"-26"

Medium  27”- 29”

Large  30”- 33”

XL  34"- 37”

2X  38"- 40"

3X  41"- 43"

4X  44”- 45”

5X  46”- 48”

6X 48”- 50”


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