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Founded in 2014 by Havala Hidalgo, Big Bottom Behavior is a size inclusive fitness brand that was born from the absence of sexy, cool athletic apparel for fat and marginalized bodies. The few styles I saw for bigger sizes were boring, the fit wasn’t right, the support wasn’t there. I started my small business while working full time at Starbucks. After building it up enough and making the same amount in sales as my monthly income at Starbucks I decided to take the leap and go 100% into building my brand. I quit Starbucks in May 2016 and invested half of my 401k into manufacturing my first design. January 2017 THE BODYLOVE LEGGING was born, the first ever ultra high waisted compression legging! Big Bottom Behavior has always celebrated and showcased women wearing our line of all sizes thriving, living actively, or lounging comfortably, as they see fit. Whether we’re out running errands all day or working-out our clothes should be comfortable and make us feel confident, and powerful. I wanted my line to fill the void I saw by providing athletic and lifestyle wear for larger bodies. As a small business owner and Woman of Color entrepreneur, I have worked diligently to carefully maintain the top quality of my product ensuring its at the same standards or surpassing the standards of my competitors, but at a price point that’s accessible to working class women. 

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